Vancil-Murphy Funeral Home is locally

owned an operated by the Murphy

family. We are deep rooted in our

community. Therefore, we feel an

obligation to clarify the facts and

misconceptions about funeral services

and costs. We believe funeral services and

costs should be transparent.  We have

developed an interactive and educational website to assist you in making

informed decisions for your needs. We will not hide behind cost ranges and

vague descriptions. All of our service information and pricing is available

through our website. Therefore, you can call us when you are ready to

discuss your needs and we can answer any questions you may have. We

welcome price comparisons.  Attention to detail is our number one

As unfortunate as the death of a loved one is, the families we

serve can appreciate working directly with the owners in every aspect of

the funeral process. Whether you are pre-planning or at the time of a loved

one's passing, you can be assured you will not be passed from one

associate to another. An owner will be by your side each step of the way,

regardless of the arrangements you choose, to ensure you are completely


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